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Updated: Aug 3

Welcome Summer! It has been an exciting season so far, now I can officially announce that over the next year I will be working closely with EIT Food (European Institute of Innovation & Technology) to help develop their Seedbed Incubator Programme, and their new startup innovation platform. I cannot put into words how thrilled I am about this because with EIT Food there's an opportunity to achieve HUGE impact in making our global food systems more sustainable, healthy and trusted. Find out more about EIT Food here

Seedbed is a programme funded by the European Union to support aspiring entrepreneurs on their journey to commercialise innovations that are helping to solve big food system challenges. I recently attended the programme's bootcamp and then I created the final cohort brochure to announce this year’s teams - you can take a look at all the profiles in more detail for 2021 here (UPDATE: 2022 here). It's inspiring to discover all the new technologies that are being developed across EIT Food's key focus areas: Sustainable Agriculture, Sustainable Aquaculture, Digital Traceability, Circular Food Systems, Alternative Proteins and Targeted Nutrition.

I also recently moved to Barcelona to connect with more startups in the regenerative design space. Barcelona feels very cosmopolitan, creative and progressive - all the things that align well to grow a quality collective of high impact innovations and ventures. So watch this space! I'm now looking forward to building The ReGen Collective and the EIT Food Entrepreneurs community.

This community will offer lots of free startup training and events throughout the year, in addition to the flagship funded programmes, which support the launch, acceleration, and scale up of commercial innovations. The events agenda and programme application information will be announced in January 2022, after a soft launch this year. I cannot wait to see all of this work come to fruition after it has been such a strong vision of mine for so long!

UPDATE: The site is now live! https://entrepreneurship.eitfood.eu/

Seedbed Incubator Programme Page: https://entrepreneurship.eitfood.eu/launch/

It's extremely rewarding to be receiving an ever-growing number of sign ups from amazing food tech innovators around Europe. My marketing is working yee haa!

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