the mission


The mission of the ReGen Collective is to see an end to food and toxic chemical waste, supporting The United Nation's Sustainable Development Goals to achieve good health & wellbeing, and the efficient use of natural resources by 2030.

We provide support to achieve these goals through initiatives such as:


  • ReGen Innovation 100 - Annual awards

  • Monthly networking events - Hot topic discussions 

  • Innovation projects solving key lifestyle sector challenges

  • Venture-building scouting, consultancy, and training services

Our aim is to build a regenerative society, shifting from a linear economy – where resources and energy are used in abundance, produced, and ultimately destroyed – to a circular economy where goods, raw materials, and products are regenerative or reused for new purposes.

We nurture and promote data-driven design, technology, and scientific innovations that help to restore and support ecology, health, and society.

How do we do this?


By disrupting and redefining the current lifestyle sectors which are having a significant influence on consumer culture - we influence key stakeholders to collaborate and drive the development of new regenerative energy, resources, and infrastructures.

introducing the ReGen collective

Do you fit any of these profile types?

impact entrepreneurs

You can easily turn lemons into lemonade, and you strive to make big changes because you care for the health of people, and the planet. You would like to remove the spike in the graph heading towards human distinction and you regard sustainability as a higher need than a potential pension payout.


career pivoting change-makers


The pain of the rat race has become too much and you can no longer support destructive economic models spurring bad mental health - you are looking for more fulfillment in your life.  You are at a stage where you have more freedom to work on projects and ventures that can use your skills and expertise for good.


conscious policymakers

The key drivers of change! - however, if you are NOT conscious, you may be knee-deep in politics where powerful forces are steering you to make policy decisions that are in the interests of capital gains only. This is why the ReGen Collective exists, to help change this dynamic - jump on board!


Scientists & researchers

So many regenerative innovations currently exist with big commercial potential, which could be developed into new products and systems across multiple lifestyle sectors. You are looking for a new type of arrangement where you can stay in the lab, and equally benefit from anyone wanting to capitalise on your innovations. 

We explore multiple stakeholder business model opportunities to facilitate more open source innovation solutions

technologists & coders


We brief you on key challenges, and you have the freedom to innovate - a critical lead in regenerative design.


We connect top talent with funding, resources & industry to form an ecosystem of innovation projects and startup ventures that drive a circular lifestyle economy

regenerative businesses

These are organisations that nurture ecosystems, rather than destroy them. The term "regenerative" describes processes that restore, renew or revitalize their own sources of energy and materials. Regenerative design creates resilient and equitable systems that integrate the needs of society with the integrity of nature Wikipedia. Read more here about regenerative businesses.

lifestyle sectors

The below sectors are highly influential in how they shape our global economy and society:


  • Agrifood

  • Health & Wellness

  • Fashion & Beauty

  • Architecture & Interiors

  • Travel & Hospitality

  • Household

  • Finance


Yes, the government and big corporations have ultimate economic power BUT...the lifestyle media will always be more influential - glamour and ‘sex sells’ first - always has and always will!


The lifestyle sectors are where we can create the most impact and have the most creative fun, let's go! 


Innovating in the lifestyle sectors