With over 20 years of experience in marketing and media, managing global retail and lifestyle brands, I am now part of a collective dedicated to training, innovation, and venture building, to help the lifestyle sectors become more regenerative.


my story

I studied International Marketing Management at Bournemouth University, UK. After graduating, travelling, and working at Murdoch Publishing in Sydney, Australia, I joined AKQA Digital in London and subsequently spent the next ten years in brand communications, working up to a strategic level in digital media agencies, including Euro RSCG/Havas, Exposure PR, iCrossing, Thinking Juice, and Superunion/WPP. I worked across many lifestyle sectors, producing brand guidelines, websites, marketing, and social media campaigns for award-winning brands such as Coca-Cola, Diageo, Sainsbury’s, Unilever, Kiddicare, and John Lewis, before moving to Hearst Media as the Group Digital Marketing Manager, to develop new digital media platforms. Within a global corporate structure, I pushed boundaries to implement many system efficiencies, playing a key role in the transition of Hearst’s lifestyle brands, from sole print publications to becoming popular multimedia brands, with diverse sources of increased revenue streams.


I have worked with some highly talented Creative Directors, who have illustrated just how powerful lifestyle content and media platforms can be to influence our consumer culture.

A few years into my career, I started to become more conscious of the impact my actions were having on consumerism - some of the top media brands I was representing at the time with the biggest budgets, and global market presence were influencing people to live very unhealthy lifestyles, and any promotion or marketing awards success I received meant I was helping to make big corporates with unethical supply chains more powerful!

I couldn't continue to support this destructive system, so I started to think how I could play a role in building regenerative innovations and ventures that attribute success in equal measure to profit, the well-being of people, and the planet.

creating positive cultural shifts

to change the world, you have to throw a better party than those destroying it


In 2014 I moved away from corporate life to work on innovation projects and events with startup organisations that support a circular economy. Food, hospitality, fashion, and design as disciplines intertwine to influence lifestyles that can invoke cultural behavioural change. Click here to view my past experience and portfolio.

ReGen collective

ReGen Collective was founded to encourage the growth of open innovation, lifestyle sector expertise, and collaboration opportunities that offer efficiencies for venture builders, government bodies, entrepreneurs, scientists, and researchers, to co-create a healthier, circular economy.


If this is your interest, then let's chat! The most successful and rewarding projects and ventures are the ones driven by a shared passion and values.


Innovating in the lifestyle sectors

ReGen Collective.png

An informal interview by Pras, the Founder of Better World Innovations 

NB This was recorded at the start of my mission. A lot has happened since then!

ReGen collaborations

I was recently a guest on the Planet Driven Brands podcast show talking about engaging universities, corporates, and entrepreneurs, to be the drivers of innovation, collaboration and systemic change. Since this episode, the conversation to explore more ideas and solutions was continued on my ReGen podcast show.